We're always working on creating good quality easy-read documents to support parents with learning disabilities. The parents we work with are always very involved in this process, as we consider them to be the experts!

The Different Types of Abuse – An Easy Read Series

A series of six booklets explaining the different types of abuse involving children. Each booklet costs £10 each and for information about how to purchase these as a pack or individually.


or call 01752 753 719

Post-Removal Series – Easy Read

Our Easy Read Post-Removal series has been created to support and enable birth parents with a learning disability to better understand the different processes that they may have to go through when working with the Local Authority with regards to the care of their child(ren), what they can expect afterwards and the support they are entitled to.

These booklets are available to purchase and will be useful for both birth parents and professionals such as Social Workers, Solicitors, Advocates and Support Workers, to name a few.

Please see a list of the booklets available below. Each booklet can be bought for £10.

What is Adoption? Explains what Adoption is, the processes leading up to Adoption and what to expect afterwards.

Special Guardianship: This booklet will support someone in understanding what a Special Guardianship Order is, and what it means for the parent as well as the child.

Supervision Order: This booklet will support someone in understanding what a Supervision Order is, and how it could affect them.

Birth Parent Support: Explains what support is out there for birth parents after adoption, the life story book and about meeting the adoptive family too.

Appealing an Adoption: Explains what appealing an adoption would mean overall and for the birth parent themselves.

Long-term foster care: Explains what long-term foster care is, how it could make the birth parent feel and what support is out there for the birth parent.

Letterbox Contact: Explains what the letterbox contact service is, how to use it and who can support the birth parent.

Grief: This booklet will support someone in understanding grief, especially after a child has been removed from their care, how to deal with grief and what support is out there.

**FREE booklet to download**
We are offering our Adoption booklet from the series to download for FREE. If you find this booklet helpful and would like to access more or the whole series then please get in touch with Kate Cowling by emailing: kate.cowling@plymouthhighburytrust.org.uk or call 01752 753 719

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