Support Groups

Parent Consultation Group

We hold consultation groups with parents, and consider them to be the experts when it comes to suggesting how things can be changed.

Parent Experts

Our parents can get involved in exciting opportunities like becoming part of our consultation groups.

We think the parents involved with the project are the experts on knowing how to best support a parent with a learning disability.

This is why we get together with them to ask them their ideas.

Parents can use their experiences to make services better, and to hopefully make things easier for other parents in the future.

Parents can join our Facebook page.

This means they will get regular updates about what is going on, and when we are next meeting.

Support for Birth Parents

Support for parents whose children have been adopted or placed into long-term foster care.

Please contact: 01752 753 719

We can provide support to birth parents in a number of different ways.

We can support parents with letterbox contact, where they write once or twice a year to their children’s adoptive parents.

We can offer ongoing emotional support, this can be either through our project’s official Facebook page or
face-to-face contact with a volunteer.

We can support parents to access counselling or therapy, if they so wish.

It may be that parents have been involved with us for a long time, throughout the different stages and continue to work with us after the adoption. Or, they may be referred to us very recently or even a long time after their children have been removed. Whatever the circumstances, we are here to support them in a compassionate,
non-judgmental and empathic way.

Contact Nicola

Group Facilitator and Administrator
01752 753 719
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